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Website Approval Agreement

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Authorization to use the Website

The nonprofit organization Québec en Forme, as owner and operator of the Website located at the address (the "site"), authorizes you to use this site under the condition that you accept the present usage agreement which may be changed at any time by Québec en Forme and be applied automatically.

Approval of the Usage Agreement

You recognize having read the present agreement or having had a reasonable possibility to read it and that the agreement contains all the essential elements for the conclusion of the agreement between you and Québec en Forme.

You recognize that any use of the Website or of any of the information contained on the Website signify that you accept being bound by the agreement.

Québec en Forme recognizes that you are bound by the agreement once you have accepted it.

Disclaimer of Liability

All points of view, comments, and other content published or available on the Website Qué have as a unique objective to provide information to its visitors. Even though Québec en Forme exercises due diligence and prudence in selecting these contents, Québec en Forme cannot guarantee its exactitude, neither that of the points of view, comments, and other external contents expressed therein.

The Québec en Forme website contains external links that are provided to users solely for commodity reasons. Québec en Forme cannot be held liable for information associated to those links and does not caution these sites and their content.

Neither Québec en Forme nor its employees, directors, or managers assume any liability arising from the use of the information available on this site and its consequences.


You acknowledge that the content of the site is protected by a copyright.

Québec en Forme authorizes you to reproduce and communicate excerpts of the texts published on the site on which Québec en Forme holds a copyright for informational non-commercial use as long as you acknowledge the site as the source of these excerpts and that the reproduction or communication of these excerpts is not made through another Website.

You are not authorized to reproduce or communicate, in whole or in parts, graphic or multimedia content published on this site, including photographs, illustrations, and images as well as videos and audio extracts.

Any other use of the copyright-protected content of this site requires the prior and explicit consent of Québec en Forme and, when necessary, of any other right copyright holder of the relevant content.


Québec en Forme and its logo are trademarks of the nonprofit organization Québec en Forme. Any use of either one or the other of these trademarks, or any use or reference for advertising purpose are prohibited under penalty of prosecution.

If in doubt, contact us.

Privacy Policy

Québec en Forme complies with requirements concerning the protection of privacy and personal information, including those referenced in the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act and in the Loi sur la protection des renseignements personnels dans le secteur privé.

Québec en Forme practices comply with the national standards of Canada as referenced in the Model Code for the Protection of Personal Information, CAN/CSA-Q830-96.

Québec en Forme does not collect any data that might be used to track your usage of the site. However, Québec en Forme uses cookie files. These cookies are used for three functions:

  • Manage and facilitate access to member-only services;
  • Count the number of unique visitors for a given period (day, week, month, year);
  • Analyze the navigation process on the website to improve ergonomics and ease of use.

Québec en Forme does not use any of the collected data in a commercial way.

Québec en Forme reserves the right to amend its privacy policies, in particular to adapt them to any legislative or technological change.

To Contact Us

Contact us by email for any question, comment, or request for precision on this privacy policy.

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