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Editorial Policy

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Québec en Forme provides you with many exchange platforms. You are at the right place to acquire information, communicate, and express your ideas.

Québec en Forme believes that there is strength in numbers. Let us use social media to share, build, and mobilize ourselves so that young people move more and eat better!

Social media has been created to popularize good ideas and best practices. Your opinion is important to us: ask a question, share a point of view, initiate a discussion or comment one of our posts.

Editorial Niche

The common thread of our interventions is the mobilization of people and of all of Québec's society to take a stand for the adoption and maintenance of a physically active lifestyle and healthy diet among young Quebecers (sees Our Mission). We wish to share initiatives, projects and good ideas from our partners, collaborators, and local partner groups.

Respect of Intellectual Property

We make a commitment to protect intellectual property. However, ideas, scenarios, propositions, concepts and other elements are freely brought to discussion. We never pay people that post them.

Real Time

Please note that we cannot feed or monitor our accounts in real time.


Netiquette is the totality of rules of etiquette that must regulate the conduct of Internet users on the network, including exchanges taking place in the forums, on social media, and email. The rules of Netiquette also apply to employees and contributors of Québec en Forme.

  • Privacy
    We are bound to respect the privacy of information shared by our users.
  • Interaction
    We encourage the exchanges of opinions between users.
  • Relevant hyperlinks
    Adding hyperlinks is permitted, providing that the content is related to the subject discussed. We are not, however, responsible for the content of those sites.
  • Lower-Case Letters
    The use of all caps in a message is like yelling. If you type in all caps because you find it faster and more convenient, consider using lower case only.
  • Views
    Québec en Formedoes not endorse views and opinions published by its collaborators and its partners on its Web platforms.

Even though we strive to be open-minded at all times, we reserve the right to modify these rules of use at all time and without notice.

Moderation is Always in Good Taste

All comments will be taken into consideration, except those that fall under one or more of the categories described below which will be withdrawn:

  • Any libelous, hateful, racist, xenophobic, homophobic, sexist, or inappropriate remark;
  • An explicit or disguised ad, including comments promoting products or services;
  • An off-topic or message published many times in the same thread;
  • A message containing confidential information, such as personal information.


There is only one option available if you wish to receive real-time updates: subscribe to the RSS feed.  You will then instantly receive up-to-date information on your smart phone, tablet PC, or by email.

Do you have any question? Comments?

Contact us now at info@quebecenforme.org

Looking forward to exchanging with you on our Web platforms!

The Communication Team