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From their birth to their 17th year, young people are the raison d'être of Québec en Forme. That is why, since its first mandate in 2002, Québec en Forme has been proposing that they move more and eat better.

However, Québec en Forme does not work directly with young people to make them change behavior and adopt new lifestyle choices on a daily basis.

Québec en Forme support communities - i.e. the immediate environment of young people - that want to facilitate both access and choice to healthy diet and physical activity.

As such, Québec en Forme has adopted a three-year plan for 2011-2014 which includes 5 strategies to enable local communities, regional and provincial project promoters as well as partners to achieve concrete results in modifying environments and in transforming social norms so that young people and their families consider healthy diet and a physically active lifestyle as essential components of their development and want to change their habits.

  1. Mobilization and the commitment of a critical mass of players for change at the local, regional and national levels.
  2. Desired behaviors are adopted and maintained by creating enabling environments.
  3. The development and implementation of local, regional and national laws and policies.
  4. Implement a media advocacy strategy including media campaigns.
  5. Organizational changes.

In June 2012, 152 local groups involving 3200 partners were active in 17 of Québec's administrative regions and native communities.

Furthermore, Québec en Forme has contributed to specific projects that have local or national scope, are relevant to particular audiences, and have well defined goal-oriented interventions.