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Local Partner Groups

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To promote a physically active lifestyle and a healthy diet, Québec en Forme is looking for partners coming together at the local level and reaching kids in their own living environments.

For Québec en Forme, a local partner group is:

  • A group already mobilized around children's needs and those of their communities;
  • Representing many sectors (the children's many living environments);
  • Sharing a common vision;
  • Working collectively on the issue of healthy lifestyles for kids.

Québec en Forme relies on the strength of mobilized communities that it supports, i.e. local partner groups, to implement strategies at the MRC ("municipalité régionale de comté"), city, neighborhood, or district levels. By uniting stakeholders familiar with the daily lives of children and their families, the group defines a common global vision and structures itself in a concerted manner. Its goals are to positively influence both the lifestyle of children and the community's quality of life. Groups are composed of networks and individuals who share their expertise and resources. It is at the strategic level of those collective projects that Québec en Forme's support can be extended. Therefore, Québec en Forme is neither a standardized program nor a grant awarded to an individual organization. To successfully advocate healthy diet and a physically active lifestyle, groups must conceive many strategies and actions touching upon individual actions, such as the practice of a given physical activity or eating fruits and vegetables, and environmental factors, e.g. a policy to facilitate access to sport equipments and fresh food. Moreover, strategies and actions must take age as well as the global developmental stage of children in consideration.

To be effective and coherent, interventions of local partner groups must adhere to the following principles:

  • Must be part of the healthy diet and physically active lifestyle reference framework as put forward by Québec en Forme;
  • Must not replace existing measures and programs but complement them;
  • Even though the program may target in a global manner the affected populations, it must also address more specifically people living in a poverty situation;
  • Must take into account the environment and sustainable development;
  • Must seek message and action coherence and integrate, when feasible, activities that will make children live an experience related to healthy diet and a physically active lifestyle.

Québec en Forme had established relationships with local partners across Québec. These partners were divided by activity sector as follow:

Activity Sector Number
Agri-Food 25
Education 839
Work 30
Municipal 441
Community and Associative Organizations 764
Private 26
Health and Social Services 365
Educational Childcare Services 259
Sports and Leisure 128
Transport 2
Others 44

These few ideas implemented by our partners may be a source of inspiration to help you come up with a project in your own community and, under certain conditions, obtain a grant from Québec en Forme.