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Québec en Forme proceeds in various ways to grant support to an organization or to a group of organizations:

  • Call for projects makes it possible to investigate some particular points of our intervention areas further and solicit interest from Québec organizations.
  • Identify the needs expressed by local and regional communities through Québec en Forme development agents and project managers present in all of Québec's regions.
  • Québec en Forme also wishes to create alliances with organizations that can provide an additional support to groups and communities acting on the local and regional levels. These partnerships of a national scope deal with multiple actions such as training, conception and implementation of programs, knowledge transfer, studies, researches, etc.

Project Analysis and Relevance

The analysis of all requests is made by the Québec en Forme teams who formulate their recommendations for financial support and management for a given community project to the Board of Directors.

Eligible Organizations

Are eligible:

  • Non-government and nonprofit organizations;
  • Public and para-public institutions, as associate members of nonprofit non-governmental organizations;
  • Groups of representatives united in a local partner group.

Any organization that belongs to one of following category is not eligible:

  • Individual acting as such;
  • A political party or an organization affiliated to a political party;
  • A group or individual whose reputation and troubles with the law or with a regulatory body might affect the reputation or credibility of Québec en Forme;
  • A for-profit corporation (without excluding associations acting as corporate representative);
  • A department of an institution whose direction does not explicitly support the application;
  • The local division of a national organization that does not explicitly support the application.

Application Deadline

Local Projects

For projects submitted by local partner groups, the application deadlines are the following:

  • April 30th
  • October 30th

Regional and National Projects

For projects of a regional or national scope, application deadlines are specified according to their launch date.

The Support Role of Québec en Forme

Local Projects

Québec en Forme offers a support adapted to the needs of communities interested in working collectively to implement healthy lifestyle habits (healthy diet and physically active lifestyle).

The guidance role aims to help, provide tools, and influence the local community though the introduction of measures (advices, tools, references) that will contribute and simplify the actions of local communities.

Our teams can:

  • Provide advice to local agents on a specific subject, based on their own experience or experience observed somewhere and documented to generate or support ongoing reflection (consulting function);
  • Conduct researches, create and clarify various tools that can help reach expected goals (assistance to tool creation function);
  • Observe dynamics and trends to predicts when and how a local group may need particular support (strategic monitoring function);
  • Ensure that information flows freely between local level and supra-local instances (liaison function);
  • Linking individuals, organizations, and instances to facilitate various types of partnerships and complementary integration between missions and programs (networking functions);
  • Help local decision-makers to improve abilities and particular competencies that enable them to fulfill their roles (professional coaching role).

Regional and National Projects

The support proposed by Québec en Forme to regional and national scope projects is specified according to their launch date.

Your Support Application

To obtain support from Québec en Forme, or for any question you may have regarding an application, contact us.