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As part of its strategy, Québec en Forme supports promotion and communication efforts, integrating different levels of actors (national, regional and local) wherever possible. As in all of its strategies, Québec en Forme promotes the use of evidence-based interventions that have significant and lasting effects. To this end, and following a needs assessment, the Board of Directors of Québec en Forme decided, in December 2011, to undertake a multimedia campaign to encourage physically active lifestyles (active leisure, physical education and activity at school, active transportation) among tweens. The four-year (2012-2016) campaign should be launched in the summer of 2012.

Communications campaigns have been identified as a priority strategy in the
government's action plan to promote healthy lifestyles and prevent weight-related
problems for 2006-2012. The strategy gained support from a committee of the Société de gestion du Fonds pour la promotion des saines habitudes de vie (SGFSHV, 2008-2009) and, more recently in December 2010, from the Table de concertation nationale en promotion et en prévention (Ministry of Health and Social Services and the Public Health network).

Communications campaigns assert social norms and encourage people to act (orientation 3 of the Québec en Forme Fund's 2011-2014 Plan - in French only).

Such campaigns are effective when linked with other strategies and they target youth directly in a way that complements the activities of local leaders. Continuity
(frequency and duration) is essential to their effectiveness.

Wixx Logo PuffWIXX Campaign

WIXX is a social campaign promoting active pastimes and commuting among children aged 9 to 13. Its aim is to prevent the significant drop in physical activity that occurs around age 13 or 14.

Being a WIXX means seizing every opportunity to enjoy physical activity. For a WIXX kid, moving means having fun.

WIXX is a made-up word with no fixed definition. Preteens will simply associate it with a cool initiative. WIXX is an attitude, a way of life, an idea - WIXX is a movement!

WIXX is an initiative of Québec en Forme, an organization supported by the Gouvernement du Québec and the Lucie and André Chagnon Foundation.

Website for tweens: WIXX.CA

Website for parents of tweens: WIXXMAG.CA

Website for partners: OPÉRATIONWIXX.CA

More about WIXX: